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Money Matador

I need to complement you on this clever qualitative idea to measure the myspace trend!

Paloma Faith looks like a Las Vegas showgirl BTW. That is the commercial appeal we need. I would sign her right away :)


http://sexxearch.info x

Max Lowe

Haha... great idea! I've done a lot of research on the MySpace trend and this is definitely the most unique concept I've come across!

The world of online independent music marketing is getting more confusing every day. Sometimes it's difficult for busy independent artists to quickly learn the tools and tricks that will help them reach new fans and industry contacts and keep in touch with their current fanbase.

I've just started a blog about independent music marketing online at maxlowe.wordpress.com. I hope you'll take a look.

We’ve tried to create a guide to help anyone involved in today’s rapidly changing music industry to better understand the social networking phenomenon and show them how to leverage this powerful tool to cut through the clutter and support their growing career.

We’re as eager as you are to help people understand the possibilities they have to showcase their music, interact with their fans, promote their shows, sell their records and network with industry contacts – all from their MySpace profile!

Again, I hope you'll drop by and check things out at maxlowe.wordpress.com. You can even download a preview chapter from my upcoming eBook, 'Max Lowe’s Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Band on MySpace'!

Keep the music coming,

Max Lowe


Hah! I remember this, it was on the hoardings while they were doing the bridge on Kingsland Road!

That was a top graffiti site while it lasted!


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