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Brian Balfour

Great post. I've used facebook flyers in the past for some projects with little to no success...CTR's around .01%!!!

Usually when I do my marketing I don't have much time to put a lot of thinking into it because I have so many other things going on...but this is a great idea to achieve good results with out a ton of time invested.


hey brian - I guess you need to have a "feel" for what people are interested in though if its not going to take a lot of time


How can this article make a qualitative statement like "advertise effectively" on Facebook but not have *ANY* hard stats on clickthrough rates, conversions, and such? What a fluff piece.

I think to show that it's a "success" you need to have the following metrics:

- Conversion rates ($/signup)
- Size of campaign
- Comparisons to search, other banner buys, etc

These are great ideas and ads, but without stats, "success" is meaningless.


So these are "great ideas and ads" but its a fluff piece?

Kulveer Taggar

@Andrew, we measure all these things internally, and relative to prior campaigns we have done online, these ads were much more successful. By a factor of 10 in terms of click through rates and conversions. I doubt you'd see many companies publicly reveal their precise metrics, it makes sense to keep some stuff in the private domain, away from your competitors.

Samantha Smith

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Should we forget about copyrights for photos?


Can you advertise this stuff?


You should really give this is try!


So give this a whirl:


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