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Colin Donald

Very interesting observation and I completely agree.

I don't know how many Beboers are aware of them, but founders Michael and Xochi certainly bring a sympathetic character to their site. Hard to pin down, but for a teen demographic, maybe they represent a cool older family member (sibling, cousin)...



yeah i think they've played it quite well - the mistake would have been to try and make Michael into a "Tom".

Tim Benjamin

I completely agree. And I think this rule applies to established organisations, too. As Stelios, Branson, Dyson et al have already figured, large-scale businesses that go down this route enjoy a competitive advantage over their faceless rivals.


That's an interesting point Tim - I hadnt thought of it. You could add Steve Jobs or Gates to the list i guess - mind you gates is not very charismatic

Amanda Lorenzani

Totally agree with this observation - if a start up, or even web giant, has a personality attached to the brand it's easy for users to identify.

Hey, just look at Steve Ballmer...;-D



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