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I am an Anglo from the USA. Racist? I don't believe so. It seems to me to that the video is an excellent attempt to help whites understand in some small way what it must be like to be poor and black in Soweto, unable to attain the life available to the whites and yet always the subject of their distrust and a heartbeat away from arrest. A life without hope.


firstly..not all the blacks in soweto r poor ok!!....anyway i say this advert is kinda like fake..y don't they use a black person coz i mean we all kno that no whites ever come 2 soweto, they should've potrayed the actual soweto...as a person from sooweto i was highly disgraced by the advert because in a sense it is lying....i must admit though that it is a good advert, but if only dat white guy were 2 be substituted by a black guy, its then that it will potray the actual soweto 4 those who dont kno about it

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